Is the O'Connor technique all it's cracked up to be?
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Has anyone had experience with the O'Connor Technique for treating back pain? (Any good stretches for the upper back would be a bonus)

Last night I "displaced a vertebrae" in my upper back as the result of a heavy fall. After googling for some stretches I came across the O'Connor technique and was intrigued.

The stretches I found / know just aren't cutting it either. My current options for stretching mu upper back are:

1) Reaching both arms in front of me and pulling one with the other.
2) Hands behind head and squeeze shoulder blades together.
3) Bridging (but I can't do this right now because of the pain and my right arm giving way).

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I have an upper and a lower back problem. My physio recently recommended an upper back exercise where, seated, you just push your shoulder blades down. You don't need to put your arms anywhere special, I can do the exercise right now by stopping typing but with my fingers still on the keys. She said the idea was to stretch the muscles back down and take some of the tension out. it has proved quite useful and is very easy to get in to a regular routine.
I've previously had recommended rolling into a ball: lie on back, bring legs up, tie in with arms and rock around gently - I don't find it very effective.
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