Help me find a really old song?
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Looking for a copy of "Beautiful Lady in Blue" (on an album called A Melody from the Sky, by Jan Garber) written by Sam M Lewis, composed by J Fred Coutts (from the 1930s) for a 100th birthday party.

MP3 preferred - google reveals some vintage music hobbyists who will mail cds, but time is against us. iTunes music store no use to those of us in New Zealand, so I haven't looked to see if it's there.
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Is the "Beautiful Lady in Blue" the birthday girl at 25?
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I have an extensive vintage music collection, but I don't have this song. I'm checking some other sources. Are you after the Jan Garber performance only?
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Best answer: I found a copy of your song. I can email the MP3 to you.
email me @
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