Certification via web app?
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Looking for a web app that will handle user registration, providing users info, providing users tests on that info (that are scored) so that "certification" can be given on the subject. I have the feeling that Moodle can handle (most?) of this. Any Moodle experts, chime in. Other suggestions (besides Moodle, if any) also appreciated.

I'm a small university web server admin. (Well, I'm 5' 10") I can handle the MySQL/PHP config stuff... I just can't write something from scratch. We have Blackboard, but the people coming to get certified on this info are from all over the state, not just university people.
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Moodle can handle that. I've been using it for some time now and it's pretty solid. Re: user registration, it does email-based registration, or you can import a user list, or there are numerous authentication plugins (PAM, LDAP, external db, etc).

I also looked at ATtutor, but found Moodle to be more flexible.
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