How do I avoid skin break-outs after waxing?
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How do I avoid skin break-outs after waxing?

I get my back waxed ever 6 weeks. I have a good waxer, so I really don't think that's the problem, but my back breaks out a few days after the waxing. I scrub my back but I still get ingrown hairs, but worse than that are these red blotches that I can't seem to get rid of. I do work out quite a bit and so I get pretty sweaty -could that have anything to do with these blotches?

More information: My back hair was the thickest my waxer had ever seen and she does a lot of back waxing. It's reduced so much over the last year (that's how long I've been having it waxed) and in some areas there hair has almost disappeared. I hated having a hairy back so I eventually decided to have it waxed. Now instead of being embarrassed by hair when I take off my shirt I'm embarrassed by red blotches. I read somewhere that guys who are on 'roids get this. I'm really serious about working out and I am totally opposed to 'roids and I would be mortified if anyone looking at my blotchy back would think that I'm on them. Any advice to help solve this embarrassing problem would be greatly appreciated.
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Exfoliate and use bikini cream from the drg store.
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Tend Skin works well for ingrown hairs as well.
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Also, you might want to consider using a lotion or moisturizer for someone with sensitive skin (something soothing) to help with the blotchiness.
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Ask your dermatologist to prescribe something or recommend an OTC. Something like Clindamycin will reduce the amount of bacterial when applied to the skin.

You might want to look into laser hair removal. If you keep getting ingrowns eventually the skin will scar.
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Post-waxing skin has mega-open pores. The most crucial thing to prevent breakouts is to control what products are used immediately post-waxing. MANY salons apply neosporin ointment as a final step in the waxing service. The main ingredient neosporin ointment is petroluem or OIL, make sure this does not touch your newly opened pores. Make sure that all products used at this crucial time are "noncomedogenic" (sp?) - dermatologist speak for "does not clog pores" ...if a product is noncomedogenic it WILL state this on the label. If the product says nothing on the label it is most likely NOT and better avoided. Your best bet is to bring your own products with you when you go for facial waxing, and have the technician use your preferred moisturizer or treatment creme.

Cetapyl makes a good line of moisturizers that are across the board dermatologist recommended and noncomedogenic.
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Kensational is absolutely correct. Make sure to ask your waxer not to use any oil.

A touch of aloe was soothing for me and didn't induce a breakout.
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echo0720 is right re TendSkin. I have heard that rubbing Head & Shoulders on your back works also. Of course, no showering, sweating (working out) or lotions for 8 hours after the waxing. There are different waxes available. You might want to explore different salons, or ask if your salon has options.

I have a friend who just had sugaring. He preferred it to waxing, because it was less painful, but I don't know about blotching.

Let us know what works!
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Also, have a look at this thread.
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