Cheap (and out-of-) date HTML editor?
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HTML editor for Mac OS 9 (not Classic):

I build and maintain websites for a couple of my clients, one of whom is a musician who would like to be able to edit one page of her site to post her upcoming performances. She knows a little bit of HTML, so I'm not too worried about her making a mess. She wants something very simple and free (of course).

Is there anything out there that runs on OS 9 (not Classic – she has an older G3 PowerBook running 9.2)? Ideal would be a WYSIWYG tool like NVU (didn't find a port for OS 9), with built-in FTP. Next best would be something like TextWrangler that allows one to edit files directly on the server (is there an old copy of BBEdit Lite for OS 9 anywhere? Does it have built-in FTP?).

My client kind of balks at having to use multiple apps to maintain the page, and I balk at setting up a CMS for such a simple site.

Thanks in advance!
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If you can find it online, I used Claris Home Page 8 or so years ago on my Mac to learn HTML. It was a WYSIWYG editor and probably had built-in FTP though I'm not 100% certain.
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VersionTracker has a link for BBEdit Lite - 6.1.2 for System 7.5.5 or higher. I don't know if that has the built-in FTP of regular BBEdit.
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Didn't Netscape have a built in page editor? check the netscape archive for OS 9 version.
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Depends on whether you want a text editor (BBEdit) or a WYSIWYG.

I remember having a free version of GoLive CyberStudio -- IIRC it wasn't made by Adobe in its original incarnation -- that was for OS 8 or 9. I got it at a MacWorld expo as a promotional giveaway (I think this was version 1.0). If you could find that around somewhere, that would probably be your best bet.

I did a quick search of the usual suspects, and someone on eBay is selling a copy of Cyberstudio 3.0 for $10; it's OS8 or newer. (And no, it's not me selling it.) As shady as buying used software on eBay is, that might be your best bet.
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Netscape Composer was the built in Netscape editor. It's really really basic. I'd go for that copy of Cyberstudio. It's a bargain and will run like a dream in that computer
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Dig up an old version of Dreamweaver. Or GoLive. Or also consider Pagespinner. <-- look there, you might find a few more.
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I would recommend Adobe Pagemill; it was the pre-cursor to Adobe GoLive.

I used it for years, both with OS 9 (on an iMac, original iBook and a TiBook), and occasionally still use it with Classic on my 1.67 G4 Powerbook -- so it works either way. (Incidentally, I used it just today for something really simple...)

It is a WYSIWYG app, and I've always liked it because of it's simplicity. They came with a very basic tutorial as well, so that would get your client started. I believe there was a companion software for Pagemill, that was called "Sitemill" and had an FTP feature, which might make things easier for your client.

Pagemill is a simple app, and it is less than 7 MB in file size. I think you will find that it should serve her needs amply and with a very small learning curve as well.

I'm sure you could find an old copy for free somewhere, or for dirt cheap on eBay... Or drop me an email if you're really stuck, my contact info is in my profile.

~ Jade Dragon
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I second BBEdit Lite. That's what i used to use. BBEdit is great as well, and has more features for Web Development.
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Also, Claris HomePage! :-D Can't forget that one. I think I have a copy of it around here somewhere..
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