Price of Heroin
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What is the street price of a gram of heroin in the UK atm? How much would the same amount cost a pharmacist?

No, I'm not buying but researching treatment alternatives for an article. It would be helpful if I could see fluctuations in price.
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Best answer: This is probably as definitive a resource as you're going to get.

Heroin ranged from £25-100/gram, in 2005.
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Best answer: The UN also maintains drug price information, including street and wholesale prices.

In 2004, heroin was $63-182/gram. Note that's dollars, whereas matthewr's answer is in pounds.

Anyway, their records go back some years.
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Best answer: Also, for legal price information, I would use morphine as a marker. A typical price in the US is about 50 cents a dose.
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Define heroin. No, seriously. "Quality" varies so much that you aren't going to find a sensible price.
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Late to the party, but I would look at the cost of heroin for the various programs in Europe that prescribe it legally for maintenance. Off the top of my head, the St. Petersburg Times in Florida had some articles on drug legalization in 2001, and in one of them, it was mentioned that the 55 pounds of heroin bought by the Swiss government in 2001 cost ~$125,000. The street price was $3.7 million.
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