Staples discarded per year?
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How many staples (metal pieces out of a stapler used to bind papers) are thrown away per year in the United States? In the world? Please cite a print reference if possible. Alternatively, I imagine that most staples are discarded. How many are produced?
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Not exactly staples, but there are an estimated 20 billion paper clips sold each year
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I don't know if most staples are discarded—many of them still go into storage files attached to countless receipts, invoices, and other such ephemera. A lot of industries still keep paper records of everything.
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Government employee here, and as limeonaire noted - don't assume that the bulk of them get discarded.
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In some government offices I've worked in, the files, after spending their requisite time in a fle cabinet were taken out, shredded, pulverized and turned to dust. The paper dust was seperated from the plastic dust and metal dust and everything was recycled.

Some of that metal would be staples, some clips.
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