Programmable Big Red Button?
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Where can I get a programmable "big red button?"

Something like the Easy button from Staples, but one I could load a sound file into. I've seen bunches on Amazon that are hardwired for different sounds, but no programmable ones.

I know I could hack one together with Radio Shack parts. But surely someone already makes one?
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The ones you're finding may not have an obvious way to reprogram them, but it may be possible to hack them. I had access to a "Yahoo" button and was able to reprogram it with minimal effort (not my site).
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Best answer: Google Big Mack Switch - it's exactly what you're thinking of. They're meant to record by being spoken into, so the sound quality might not be the best if you want to music or something. But they're definitely a big colorful programmable button.
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Try this?
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Response by poster: That Big Mack switch is exactly what I need… but $200

I see a trip to Staples/Radio Shack in my future…
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A friend of mine cut apart an Easy Button for exactly this purpose and installed, I think, this. It takes a little customization and some soldering to make it all work, but it's cheap.
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I don't know how big these are or what size you're looking for, but you might want to search online for "switch" "AAC" "speech therapy" and/or "button" to get some programmable buttons that might fit your needs.

For example Learning Resources might have some that would fit the bill.
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Depending how handy you are you could get one of those Hallmark cards that you can record a message to and take the guts and put it inside an easy button.
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