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I used to play an old DOS game in which you had to manuever a paper airplane through a house, with each room being a different level, each of which got progressively harder through the addition of obstacles. The plane, if I recall correctly, had a fixed rate of descent and could only rise by moving over a fan/vent. If you touched anything you died. It was an awesome combination of puzzle/action. Bonus points if you tell me how I can play it on a modern WinXP box.
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If you find it, DOSBox just might run it.
posted by Anything at 2:17 PM on November 12, 2006

Best answer: i dont know if it was ported to pc, but this sounds exactly like the mac game glider
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Best answer: here it is for windows.
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I think this is what you're after.
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Response by poster: Yes! Glider! Ah! YES! YESSSSSSSSS!!!

That funky bass riff between levels... AH!

Thank you AskMeFi!
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well, thanks for asking about this and reminding me what a great game this was, and thanks for those that posted links.
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