Old dos gold mining game
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I'm trying to remember an old gold mining video game (probably mid to late 80s). I think it was dos. It was similar to Miner VGA, but after playing that a few times it was definitely not that game.

Similar to Miner VGA, you dug around looking for minerals, but in this case I think it was only gold. The mine would flood, there could be rockfalls, and you would light dynamite fuses and run for it. Sound familiar to anyone?
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Response by poster: Also, my dad thinks it may have been called "Gold Miner", but I can't find a game like that using the intertubes.
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Is it the Lost Dutchman Mine? Was there an adventure component to it or was it just mining (side-view, I'm assuming?).
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That is DEFINITELY the Lost Dutchman Mine.

"Game of cards, old timer?"
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It's a stretch, but Digger came to mind. (It was one of my favorite games when I was 3.)
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Response by poster: No, it wasn't Lost Dutchman, although that looks like something to check out. It was side-view only, like Miner VGA, but there wasn't the economic part of it, mostly just mining, and the water followed gravity, so if you mined up to a flooded part of the mine, the water would flow down and flood. Miner VGA you seem to be able to just mine under or around anything. Also in Miner VGA you can buy all sort of equipment, but in the one I played you were limited to pickaxe or dynamite.

I love Digger, haven't played that in a while..

We also had a TI-99/4a back in the day, but I'm pretty sure it was on the PC, not the TI.
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Rick Dangerous?
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Miner 2049er?
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