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Bizarre and completely NSFW porn-related question - where did these videos come from?

A friend sent me links to a couple of quirky 80s pron music videos. I think they are quite possibly the best thing to happen to porn since Al Gore invented the internets.

The links are (NSFW*Porn, duh*NSFW*)here and here(NSFW*Porn, duh*NSFW*).

For those who can't watch right now, they're music videos - one is "Tunnel of Love" by Dire Straits, the other "When the Night Comes" by Joe Cocker. Both videos are uploaded by the same user "El Chupacabra."

The video that goes alongside the songs are mashups (?) of some strange 80s porn, possibly foreign. The lighting and scenery along with weird little storylines make these videos super cool, IMO.

The problem is I want to know where they came from? Preliminary searching seems to come up with nothing. The user info is just the name "Chupacabra" and I admit I'm a bit hesitant to google "Chupacabra + Porn."

I was kinda hoping the ol' MeFi Bloodhound Gang might be up for some detective work? Any ideas?
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Hmmm. Can't help you with the source, except to say that they look Italian, and probably from the early-to-mid 80's. They remind me a lot of the Color Climax videos, which could also mean that they're Danish, but the interiors and the people's faces remind me more of Italy.

And this...
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I thought was funny too.
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One day, this answer is totally going to bite me in the ass, I just know it.

The video in the second video is taken from Les petites écolières, a French film from 1980 about a brothel madame who hastily transforms her house of ill repute into a boarding school for girls—or so it seems. The woman in blue at the beginning of the clip is Brigitte Lahaie, a French porn star who later transitioned into non-adult films and is now apparently a radio show host.

If my knowledge of European pornos from the 1970s keeps me from getting a job one day, well... so be it!
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Oh, while I'm at it, the lack of hardcore shots, the vaguely Italian look and the slightly outlandish setups might be signs of a Tinto Brass movie.
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i second italy: in tunnel of love: the interiors, the regulations on the walls, the crucifix on the wall in one scene, the woman reading a magazine called (something like) 'illustrata' and, for a second, just above her shoulder, an apparent temperature control maked something like 'calor',; and the general stylish ambience and shooting style reminiscent of a fashion shoot.
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If my knowledge of European pornos from the 1970s keeps me from getting a job one day, well... so be it!

My god, I would hope that it would be quite the opposite!
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I believe the "Tunnel of Love" video source is from Paprika by Tinto Brass.
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chrominance- will you be mentor?
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If I'm not mistaken, Chrominance was on the right track about movie #1, which I believe is Brass's 1991 movie Paprika. See also this NSFW link.
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Response by poster: Italian makes sense...the reason I was drawn to these was the fact that some of the lighting and set decor reminded me a lot of Dario Argento movies.
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