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NBA: Who do I go see? So I don't follow the NBA much, but we're going to a Hornets game in OKC. Which game would be the best to go to?

The games coming up here are vs: Charlotte, Miami, Minnesota, Chicago, Cleveland, Memphis, San Antonio, Denver. I'm looking for most fun to watch, players that should be seen, etc. as opposed to the team where the home team is going to win or completely cream the other team. Perhaps you could give me a top 3 or 5 in some kind of ranked order. Thanks!
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Cleveland. LeBron is a legend in his youth.

After that I'd probably pick Minny to watch Kevin Garnett in the flesh, then San Antonio or Chicago.
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Oh yeah, and that guy Dwayne Wade on Miami is pretty good, too. I'm not much of a Shaq fan, tho.
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I'd say Cleveland as well. I saw them last year when they came down to Dallas and LeBron was a lot of fun to see live.

After that, I'd rank them-

Chicago (young fun team that likes to run, kind of like the Hornets, should be a good matchup)

Miami (you get to see how big Shaq really is, and Dwyane Wade is guaranteed to do at least one thing that will blow your socks off)

Minnesota (KG is a beast, even more so live)

Denver (can be a fun team, but they're injury prone, so you don't really know who you'll get to see)

San Antonio (they're just not an exciting team live, and believe me, I've seen them a lot)

Strike Charlotte and Memphis off the list entirely.

Have fun, though. I went to the Mavericks game in OKC last year and was quite impressed with the crowd. They've adopted the Hornets very quickly, and have a lot of passion for them.
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You can't go wrong with any of those teams. (but my order would be: Cleveland, Miami, Chicago, San Antonio, Denver, Charlotte, Minnesota, Memphis)

But I suggest going to the game where you can get the best seat for the money. I'd much rather sit 6th row center court for Memphis then sit upper-deck for Cleveland. In my opinion, it makes a HUGE difference if you get a truly great seat.
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I also vote for LeBron. If he continues to progress, his early games will become those of lore.
Minnesota would also be fun to see KG play. He's one of the most intense players around and just a beast as mentioned. I vote for him because he's getting up there in years and carrying the entire franchise on his shoulders for a while and might not have much tread left.
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Cleveland first here also. Followed by Miami and Chicago.
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What do you want? Superstars or team play?
Either way, I'd go to see Cleveland as my first choice (LeBron's the kinda superstar that makes the whole team better). I happen to like San Antonio, but I'm from Detroit. After that, Miami, Minnesota, Chicago. The other two, I can't say as I've never seen 'em live...
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Don't forget the New Jersey Nets. They have 3 superstars in Jason Kidd, Vince Carter and Richard Jefferson. Those guys are always entertaining and the team in general plays an exciting style of ball.

It also might be easier to score premium seats for the NJ game because I'm sure all the Cleveland games are pretty close to being sold out already.
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Don't forget, Chicago's got Ben Wallace now, too; if you're a fan of devastating defensive plays, that man can be a blast to watch (I've always been a fan of brutally blocked shots, myself). Of course Alonzo Mourning on the Heat can be pretty good for that, too.
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Cleveland. LeBron's a once-in-a-generation guy. This is Jordan/Magic/Bird in the early days.
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