What's my VORP?
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Inspired by just learning about the MIT Sports Analytics Conference, what sites are on the cutting edge of the basketball stats/sabermetrics revolution?

I know about 82games.com and Basketball Reference, but what are other sites (or people like Haralabos Voulgaris) who are on the cutting edge of tracking and quantifying basketball performance on both the Pro and NCAA levels?

Bonus points will be awarded for tips on sorting through the acronyms and making all this new information accessible for a layman with approximately high school level statistics ability, but who certainly can't program in R.
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As mentioned, basketball-reference is good and here's a another glossary on their site.

Sonicscentral has a good list of other sites that you're looking for and briefly describes the main people and their work in the domain, although it hasn't been updated since Nov. 2007.

sonicscentral also has a forum.
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Basketball Prospectus covers both the NBA and NCAA. Ken Pomeroy writes for them and also maintains his own ratings site at kenpom.com
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Good blog on the subject: The Wages of Wins Journal
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Wayne Winston used to work as a consultant for the Mavs and has a blog: waynewinston.com
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