Suns recommended knowledge?
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Going to the Suns-Pacers game tonight, but haven't really been following the NBA the last year or two. What should I know/read up on to keep from looking like an idiot?
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I can assure you that the game hasn't changed much in the last year or two. I can't think of one thing that you would have done as a spectator two years ago that would seem fine then, but make you look like an idiot tonight.
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Phoenix is fighting for a playoff positioning in the west, they are the 5th seed right now. The Suns are still playing the run-and-gun basketball that was their hallmark. Still got Amare Stoudemire, who was the object of intense trade speculation, but did not end up being traded, and he has been remarkably inconsistent compared to his incredible past seasons. They are hurting at guard right now. Nash, Barbosa, and Dragic are all banged up to some extent. Robin Lopez is starting at center now, putting Channing Frye on the bench. Frye hits a lot of threes from outside but my guess is with the Indiana frontline Lopez will get a lot of minutes tonight. Grant Hill is a surprise contributor, for how banged up he has been, he gets a lot of hustle stats.

Indiana's a terrible squad. They're second worst team in the East, a promising 7'2" center in Roy Hibbert, Danny Granger is their main scorer. Other than them and Troy Murphy, it's kind of a team of scrubs. Tyler Hansbrough had some good run early in the season but has a bizarre inner-ear infection that has kept him out for a couple months now. They score a lot too, it should be a pretty high scoring game.

Have fun.
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The Pacers are 20-42 and in last in the Central and 2nd last in the East. They're a weak team with almost zero depth and other than Danny Granger, they don't have a lot of star power. They're offensive

The Suns are 39-25 and 2nd in the Pacific and 5th in the West. It's a slightly different team than the Suns used to be, a little older but still a dynamic offensive team. Amar'e, Steve Nash, Leandro Barbosa and Jason Richardson are dynamic offensive players. They play a little more defence than they used to, although they're still no dynamo in that department.

The spread is 11.5 points in Phoenix's favour, which means the game should be a bit of a blowout. Over/under is 221.5 points, meaning you may see a lot of scoring at least.
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Where is says "They're offensive" in reference to Indiana, it should say "offensively inept."
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You already got the details, so let me give you the big picture: Steve Nash is one of the best of all time - a basketball genius-- and he's still playing at nearly the peak of his abilities. Make sure you enjoy the fuck out of watching him. :-)
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There's almost nothing you can do at the game that will mark you as unschooled. The closer you get to the floor, the higher the prices are, and, I imagine, the less knowledge of basketball there is.

And Hiker was right the first time, Indiana is offensive, full stop. There have been issues with different players (T.J. Ford, for one) joking around with players from other teams during blowout loses. They've had a lot of injuries, and aside from Granger, there's not really anyone worth watching.

The Suns play fun basketball. If Amare is motivated, he can be a dominate force, but then again, he had a detached retina last season, and has become a bit gunshy, as I imagine I would, about contact. Nash, if his back isn't hurting too badly, is an amazing all around player, and should be a joy to watch. As Hiker said, it'll probably be a blowout, as the Suns are still trying to get homecourt for the first round, and the Pacers are just marking days on the calendar until the season ends.
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