Where can I watch tv tonight?
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election night coverage

My question is similar to this one http://ask.metafilter.com/mefi/50023 but in new york city. More specifically is there a place for me to check out the daily show's live election coverage at 11 tonight? No cable for me, and my friends are poor too :-).

Any location in Manhattan works for me.
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This previous best answer from a question about a local football broadcast actually applies here too. TVU networks, the program he links to, has a Comedy Central feed if I'm not mistaken. Granted, watching it on the internet isn't the best option, but it's one of them...
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I'm having people over here in the Village for wine, snacks, and TV (42" plasma, with my TiVo watching both the Daily Show and CNN for back-and-forth rewind fun) starting at eight or so and running at least till Montana closes -- or if we sweep VA TN MO, till the champagne runs out! You're welcome to join us; my e-mail is in my profile. Yours should be too!
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