Can I reduce the noise coming from my Pocket Rocket vibe?
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Is every Doc Johnson Pocket Rocket REALLY FREAKING LOUD, or do I have a defective one? Any simple mods to lower the noise level? Or do I just need to buy a different (but still cheap, mini & battery-powered) vibe that's not a POS? And if so, which one? (My previous Doc Johnson vibe was quiet & great -- for the six weeks before it died.)
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BTW, "for the six weeks before it died" = "its entire life was six weeks," not "it was only quiet in its last six weeks."
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If the first one only lasted six weeks, and the second one is really loud, I'd say the brand is a piece of crap and you should purchase something else.

I haven't tried a Doc Johnson, but my vibrators usually last for years, not weeks.
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I put a paper around the battery to cushion the noise. It's a lot quieter when it's not rattling on the plastic.

FWIW, my first DJ PR lasted one year (daily use?) and finally broke after I dropped it. I got my second a few months ago.
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I really loved the first one though. Sad. So which are the brands you like? Thanks for any suggestions!
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Smart, Sian! I'll try it with a few different materials and report back when I get home tonight!
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The best make of vibrators I've come across is Candida Royalle. I've had a couple of them for years now and they still work like they did out of the package.
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Coil vibes (plug in style) are a lot quieter. I've had an old standby Wahl for years. It's also got a VERY strong buzz - too strong for my GF.

But ya, if you like the strong, silent type, go for a Wahl.
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Naming something that's put on or in the vagina after the organism that causes yeast infections seems ill-advised.
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heh - I'm not going to google it now, to provide a link, Jesourie - but Candida Royalle was a porn actress who I assume now markets sex toys under her name. I always thought her name was a bit of a pun.
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Sian's suggestion was great but didn't work in my case. It seems to be the motor itself, not a rattling battery. So everybody, what is your favorite *small battery-powered* vibe?? Thanks!
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I love my water dancer (should show up after a google). It's a waterproof pocket rocket that really does the trick. It passed my sound test (I couldn't hear it when I put it under my comforter, stood outside my room, and closed the door).
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