What do you put stickers on?
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What do you put stickers on?

I've got a truckload of stickers from all sorts of things (band stickers, company stickers, cartoon-ish stickers...etc etc) and I'm stumped as to what to put them on.

So I'm basically just curious where you put them...ultimately to give me some ideas. I know people who put them on their laptops or guitar cases and other things like that. But I'd love to hear what you do with them.
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I slap stickers on people. They don't tend to last long there, which is a plus.
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Yeah, around here (w/kids) we encourage them to put stickers on people. Either that or binders, notebooks, etc.

Or glass - it's easy enough to remove with a utility razor, if you want to change the sticker at a later point.
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flute case, cover of sketchbook, binder covers...

I used to collect stickers and have them in sticker albums, for the heck of it. Once that fad wore off, I was stuck with a whole bunch of stickers I had absolutely no use for, hehe.

My friend has stickers on his graphing calculator. There's also cellphone, iPod, etc. Bags, maybe?
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I put stickers on the box I keep my art supplies in, it looks like a tool box. I also put them on notebooks sometimes.
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You could send all of the cool ones to me, I am always in need of more stickers :)
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Do you have any of those ugly plastic storage bins? I put stickers on those to give them a little personality. I like putting stickers on things that I don't have to look at all the time (eventually, stickers begin to annoy me and look cheap/college-ish), so boxes that live inside your closet or under your bed are a great spot.
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I cover up logos with them.
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Also, I take all of my cute small stickers and use them as envelope seals on all my letters to friends and family.

I also just remembered that I once saw someone who covered every inch of the outside of their garbage can in stickers, and it looked really cool.
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Ever go to Wahoo's Fish Tacos? It looks like there are a few in Denver. The locations I've been to in Cali and Austin have been covered in stickers--I think you can put your own on the wall.
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Mix CDs and Lighters.
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I used to cover my desk in them, but now I have mummified my bike with stickers. Works as theft prevention (bike looks cheaper than it is) and as inexpensive decoration.
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Nalgene bottles and coolers.
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Guitar, Guitar Case File Cabinet, Microwave, Laptop Computer
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Those boxes that control the intersection lights.
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Nalgene bottles and notebooks.

Actually, I have this inexpensive refillable daily planner with a faux leather cover, and every year I put a new sticker on the cover.
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On my workbench and my Government-issued PC.
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Guitar case, PC, Jeep :)
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I put them on my filing cabinet which is an otherwise pretty innocuous cheapie metal thing, Some of the others I toss into envelopes to send to friends or stick on envelopes that are going in the mail for some reason.
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I put my stickers on my pink Note Tote binder. The one for social studies and math. Except for the scratch and sniff ones, I keep those in the pocket of my puffy jacket so my friends can also smell that at recess.
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dude you're from DENVER!! put them on your freaking SNOWBOARD!!!! or skis... or skateboard.

I put mine on my Nalgene bottle everyone in Denver has like, four of these, right? my toolbox. my fixed gear bike. my macbook. the windows of my car (they come off the glass quite easily). the fairing on my roof rack.

the fixed gear and the macbook get the coolest ones and the quickest rotation cos I have to look at them the most. I saw a bike yesterday at the Denver alleycat race with a big 'contains alcohol' decal on the top tube.

I'm a bike racer so I get all kinds of stickers. yesterday I got a most excellent large PBR sticker from the race promoter that I stuck on the vinyl part of my Chrome bag, so it'll be there until it gets nappy looking from getting rained/snowed on (it replaced a nappy old alleycat sticker I got in baltimore) then I'll remove it and stick something else there.

sticking them on people has somewhat short-lived satisfaction value, however it never fails to end in hilarious ... well at least for me, my colleagues are awesome and those little PLU stickers off of fruit go well on all of them.

if you have an old nappy leather jacket, you can stick 'em on that, too. my ancient goth leather jacket has old Skinny Puppy / Dead Milkmen / Pogues / Jesus & Mary Chain stickers all over it from the late 80's/early 90's when I went to shows every weekend... it still gets positive compliments at techno parties tho.

be a sticker hooligan!
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Toolbox, bike fenders, box of cassettes from the 80's, calculator case, address book, socket wrench case (helps me know which side is which, so I don't open it upside down and spill everything everywhere).
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I decorate care packages and plainly-wrapped presents with them. If you know any kids they make good little presents.
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If they are cool stickers, and you'd like to keep them, go to a large office supply place where they sell printer paper and address labels. Search for magnetic paper - its like regular inkjet printer paper but its quite thick and has a magnetic back. Cover each sheet with as many of your keeper stickers as you can and cut them out as carefully as you can. The cleanest way to do this is cut just a millimeter inside the edge of each sticker - usually a part of the sticker that is a border and contains no art.

So now either put them on your fridge, or any metal surface, and they are essentially reusable. I like to put them on my toolboxes and shop equipment since the wife won't cotton to them on the fridge anymore.
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I saw something on TV about an artist who makes pictures out of the stickers from fruit and vegetables. For the life of me, I cannot remember who it was or what show I saw it on, but they were terrific!! pieces of art. He had frineds all over saving and sending him the stickers.

I put them on my Thule roof case. Or I put them on the wall of my garage next to my old license plates and the Snap on Tools calendar.
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My bass drum. Anything else that I use (laptop, ZEN, phone) I tend to play with a little too much, usually resulting in them getting doggy eared.
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other people's children
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I have a tall filing cabinet that I put stickers on. That way they last a reeeeally long time. :)
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My laptop. In my experience, they come off really easy because the laptop is warm almost all the time and it effects the stickiness factor of the stickers.
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I cut them up and put them on wrapped presents (paper grocery bag wrapping); I try to include them in context when I write letters to friends; they always go on the outside of envelopes whether it's a letter or a mix CD or whatnot (not on bills though). for a while whenever I came across a b/w sticker it would go collage-style on the side of my bookcase. they've also served well as bookmarks---where ever I finish the book I slap the sticker up.
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I used to stick book pricing labels on the side of my cupboards. The cupboards would be next to my bed, and I'll peel off the price sticker from the book I was reading and stick it on the side next to me.
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I put bigger ones on my clipboard, binders, bike and bike helmet, smaller ones cover envelopes. I've also got a bunch of large "sparkly" stickers I use as rewards for my high school students - amazingly effective!
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I have a little boombox stereo with a top-loading CD player and the part that popped up has a little Fray sticker.

Also, computer towers.

And binders.
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I second the clipboard usage. I've got lots of geek-friendly stickers and that's a reasonable place to show 'em off at work.
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Big old foot locker.
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Small ones go on snail-mail.

Large ones either get taped to objects (there's an unamerican sticker taped to my monitor) or get slapped on an old Army trunk from Goodwill that I painted glossy black. Depending on your age, trunk is either a closet trunk or a coffee table. We're in our 20s, so it's a coffee table.
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i apply stickers to anyone who pleases me in some minor way -- roommates who do dishes, strangers in bars who tell a good joke, and so on. i like to think it works like positive reinforcement for the universe at large.
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Depending on your style, and if you have an old piece of furniture that you dont mind changing up, you can cover a table or any other stickable surface with the stickers. I would overlap some of them to create a more interesting pattern and cover all of the space. Then apply a couple coats of Modge Podge or some kind of clear shiny varnish on it and now you have an interesting piece of usable art displaying your favorite stickers.
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I put them on my backpack and thermos.
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