Can You Identify These Hangers?
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Hanger Identification Filter: We got these hanger's from my 87 year old aunt's house after she moved to a nursing home. What are they called? They are supposedly from the 1950s. Very shiny metal in multiple colors - much lighter weight than you would expect. Anybody have a clue? Larger picture at: Thanks! ---
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Response by poster: typo correction:
hangers - not hanger's. I really DO know the difference!
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Best answer: Sounds/looks like anodized aluminum to me.

P.S.: Thanks for linking directly to a .jpg and not a flickr page or some other such slow-loading nonsense.
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Response by poster: Mystery solved. That's exactly what they are.
Thanks for the quick response!

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Those are awesome. My Moomaw used to serve ice tea out of cups like this.
posted by Brittanie at 3:42 PM on November 5, 2006

awesome indeed, the are the best and infinitely durable. I doubt they are from the 50s tho, aluminium wasn't that cheap back then (afair)
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I would love a closet full of those!
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I'll grant that they look awful pretty, but they're not good for your clothes. Get the wooden or plastic ones with thick rounded shoulders instead if you're using them to store clothing or coats for longer periods of time.

And, since I'm going off on a tangent anyway: Why is flickr so slow? You'd think they'd have realised it takes absolutely ages to load an image page from them and have fixed it by now. Thank you for direct-linking.
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If these are truly from the 50s, they may be worth something as "collectibles." See if you can find anything similar for sale on eBay - that will often tell you if your item has value.
posted by shifafa at 3:41 AM on November 6, 2006

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