FontFilter: Something similar to Adobe's Rockwell Roman?
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I'd like to use a font very similar to Adobe's Rockwell Roman, but in trying to find a freeware/shareware version I'm hindered by the facts that I don't know what else it would be called, and that 90% of font sites are junk. Any recommendations on how I could go about finding such a font?
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You know, not to be obtuse, but I tried "free rockwell font" in Google, and the #1 result was to a download of a lookalike font. You get what you pay for, of course, especially with character spacing and font details, but if it's for low-res work and you're not going to buy the font anyway, simple searches often work.

You can also buy the real thing from Adobe, as you mention, or or other places. I prefer to purchase from Adobe because Adobe's font licenses expressly permit embedding fonts in PDFs and other documents. (Agfa/Monotype) does not.
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you can also search for "slab serif" fonts at all the sites--Rockwell's one of those. and I sent you an email
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Fonts like that are also sometimes called "Egyptian", so that's something you could search for.
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My FAVORITE font searcher is "What the Font."

It lets you put in a URL or upload a graphic, and it will analyze the font and give you a list of possible fonts. That might help.
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