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Muscle pain between thumb and forefinger on left hand while weightlifting. Plenty of detail within.

It occurs almost exclusively when I'm doing presses of some sort, ie. when the weight is directly pushing down on that area. It's also happens predominantly when lifting dumbbells, although I just felt my first twinge of it while using a barbell this morning. I'm not lifting what I'd consider to be very heavy weights (I'm 5'6", 135lbs. and pressing between 60-80lbs.). The pain goes away almost as soon as the exercise is over, but man, it really smarts at the time.

I wear gloves, but I'm not sure they're specifically made for weightlifting (no wrist support). Maybe there are some out there that address this issue.

Lastly, it might be worth noting that I play a whole lot of guitar, and that's my fretting hand.
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When you grip the bar don't wrap your thumb around it. Keep your thumb beside your forefinger. This might relieve some of the pain.

Some people feel uncomfortable with this grip. But give it a shot. I use it on bench and military presses.
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Seconding Trolley's recommendation of the so-called "suicide" grip.
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If a different grip doesn't help, then I would suggest experimenting with different types of gloves specifically made for weightlifting. The best place to get advice for this is at a gym where there are some serious and regular weightlifters (you will know them when you see them).
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Definately change your grip. Is it gamekeepers thumb? You may want to figure out a splint.
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I don't think you have enough information.

I do know that if you aren't using real weightlifting gloves, you should. Heavy weight puts serious stress on your hands, and not using gloves has hurt my hands in the past.

I'm using a pair of Harbinger 1210 Big Grip Non WristWrap gloves, and they are very very good.
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