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Outdoor gear question: I'm trying to choose between a Mountain Hardwear Chugach jacket and a Moonstone Cirrus jacket, or a similar synthetic-insulated jacket. Anyone have experiences or recommendations to help me make my choice? [a little bit more inside]

I've more or less narrowed my choices to those two, based on fit, features, and cost (they're quite similar on paper, but I'd really like to know about real-life experiences). If you know of others I should check out, that would be cool also. Thanks!
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Mountain Hardwear used to sponsor me, back in 1996, when the company was brand-new. I tested some gear for them -- notably a $700 pants/jacket GoreTex shell -- that I'm still using to this day. (And, in fact, used this very day.) I preferred their jacket over anything similar that I tried or that potential sponsors got me to try out, and I still prefer it over the options that I periodically check out, despite that a mouse ate through the pants and the jacket some years ago.

It concerns me that I see their gear everywhere now, only because when a company's gear becomes commonplace for daily wear, their quality tends to slip, because they know that people aren't using the products for their intended purpose. If you're getting this jacket for a January ascent of Mt. Washington, maybe it's not the best thing to get. But if you just want a jacket, I'm sure it's fine.

Moonstone fans are -- or at least were -- pretty hard core. Their gear has long been known as being really quite nice. They've never had anything near the popularity of Mountain Hardwear, and that's a better thing for quality, I suspect.

Again, I love my Mountain Hardwear gear and, also again, if you're just using this to walk from your car to your office, it may not make much of a difference. :)
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I've got a Mountain Hardware Chugach and I love it.

It's good down to about 30 deg F with just a t-shirt. It's got enough room for layering, so I can add my softshell jacket between them, and easily go down to 0 F. Add a fleece vest and I'm good to about -15 F. I haven't had to get out anything heavier this winter and it's been a particularly cold one (Anchorage, AK).

The pockets are well-placed and well-sized and it's jlong enough to keep my waist covered if I have to bend over outside, but not so long that I sit on it while I'm driving.

I took it to Antarctica last year (just a tourist cruise), and the packability was an additional plus.

I have no experience with the Moonstone.
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