Minibus hire - Canada?
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Minibus hire in Canada?

I'm planning a skiing trip to Canada with friends in January. I cannot seem to hire a minibus (I need a 9-12 seater), from anyone from the majors to the locals. Is there some local law that I'm unaware of, restricting the number of passengers in a hire vehicle?
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Not knowing your destination, I used Travelocity to search for van rentals in Calgary and turned up a 12 passenger Ford E-350 passenger van at Budget.
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Your first problem may be your Australian vocabulary. We say "rent a (mini)van" in Canada.

Your other problem may be your driver's license. With a passenger-car driver's license in British Columbia, you may drive a vehicle that seats up to ten people (including driver). I would imagine the restriction is similar in other provinces.
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randomstriker is correct about the passenger limit on a normal license, in Quebec you need a special certification when it goes over 10 peeps. If you're that many you might be better off getting two vehicles just as a matter of storage space convenience. It might also help you if you specify where in Canada you want to rend one. Second biggest country in the world, eh?
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Thanks guys - to clarify:

I'm looking to rent a mini van, in Vancouver, in January 07, for about 2 weeks, to carry 9 people.
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12-passenger van
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Many thanks everyone.
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