non-zen zen-ness: oh heck
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I just got a new Creative Zen Nano Plus 1gb mp3 player as a surprise gift from a friend. The trick is that I'm a Mac user, and by all official accounts the two are incompatible. Help, please.

No amount of googling seems to turn up info on hacks/workarounds that make it Mac-compatible, though I did find a mention (as part of a review on of someone using the 512mb player with iTunes on a Mac. When I connect this one to my computer neither one recognizes the other. I'm not exceptionally tech-savvy so I wonder if there's something crucial I'm missing.
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Does it not show up in the same way a flash USB drive would when you connect it? Mine does, and I transfer songs that way.
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Best answer: Also: you have to push the USB cord into the player very very firmly, and to turn it on you have to hold the on button on for awhile.
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Response by poster: Oh heck, Cowbell, problem solved, if extremely sheepishly.
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I learned those things the hard way, after several minutes of being angry that I'd gotten a defective one :)
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