How can I setup my own voice mail system?
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How can I set up my own voice mail service? I want to set up something where people buy/rent phone numbers from me and setup voice mail greetings for their friends to hear when they call. How do I go about procuring multiple phone numbers in multiple area codes like "gotVmail" and similar services do? How do I setup voice mail to email? Basically, I want to set up a service like "gotVmail" without 99% of the bells and whistles. Can I do this with asterisk? Any insight into this is well appreciated.
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I did something like this, but a few more things. I couldn't spend time on it, and it ended up not getting off the ground. If you're interested, hit me offline and I'll give you the scoop of what I found to be the best, fastest way to get up and running.

In fact, I'd be happy to give you my code and server that is up and running, for a small percentage cut.. ;-) It implements the self management system, provisioning interface (user and admin), and a rudimentary dashboard for users to check out calls.

There are some angles to get low cost access to phone #s and resource pools.

Do you do VoIP or telephony now?

Done right, a telco service can make a lot of money. Either way, good luck!
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Thanks for the offer. I would like to contact you. I am kind of new to MeFi. Can you tell me how I get in touch with you?
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You can reach me at my username at gmail dot com. Send me a message and we'll take it from there.

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