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In order to gear-up for the MeFi Swap I started making myself more familiar with iTunes. While doing so, I found out that even when one checks the "none" setting for seconds between songs, iTunes still ads a short gap between songs. Does anyone have some suggestions for how I might get iTunes to do Disc-at-Once (DAO)? If not, suggestions for other programs are appreciated, but realise I don't have Toast-like money handy. Thanks!
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If you've got an album where one track flows straight into the next, iTunes unfortunately doesn't offer very good options. What you need to do to preserve that seamlessness is load the CD, select the run-together tracks, and then select the Advanced: Join CD Tracks menu item. Then import.

This winds up importing the tracks in question as a single file, which is a PITA for most purposes. I never bother, and just put up with the hiccup.
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Thanks, adamrice. I learned about the "join" from a Macworld article. It was one of the reasons I turned to AskMeFi. Hiccups are not an option in this situation.
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That's weird, cuz "none" works for me.
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In Preferences:Effects, turn on crossfading and move the slider to 0.
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I unchecked crossfading (my audio engineer wife hated it), but I didn't try setting it to zero. I'll give that a whirl. Cheers.
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In Preferences:Effects, turn on crossfading and move the slider to 0.

This does not maintain during a burn.
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I just re-read and realized terrapin was talking about disk burning.

anathema is correct, the 0 crossfade is for playing back albums seamlessly.
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My wife peaked at this thread and agreed that the crossfading probably isn't the issue. I think I will have to look at other options until Apple gets DAO right. Thanks everyone.
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