When is it proper to place GoogleAds in a blog?
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When is it proper to place GoogleAds in a blog? My "other" site has been approved for it but I don't want to give the impression that I've sold out or anything. Budget is minimal so maintenance is not a factor...yet. Do you think having those ads will add cachet to a site? Or will it just achieve the opposite? [No self-links/respond with confidence]
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If you need the revenue, then go for it--I can't imagine a problem (people are used to them, and they're less obtrusive than banners or skyscrapers or flash ads)
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Your "street cred" doesn't matter here. What matters or not is if it will be a good fit. Just because you got approved doesn't mean you'll make anything. I wrote about it exhaustively here, in case you have checked it out, the gist of it is that unless your blog is specialized you'll have a hard time meeting with any success.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the comments so far. I've read that post a while back Matt and found it very instructive. My blog is very specialized and is getting about 1000 hits/day since I opened it barely 2 weeks ago.
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Your "street cred" doesn't matter here

amen. unless you blog about the evils of capitalism and advertising, etc...though, the irony of that would be worth it...

selling out is a myth anyway. making money with a blog is selling out? yet sitting in a cubicle isn't? don't worry about selling out, worry about not having dreams or time to relax.
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what site is it?
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thanks, seanyboy; this was also my question...
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I've made about a hundred bucks so far after three months of using Adwords at the Roald Dahl fansite I run. I had some guilty feelings about it myself, mostly because the bulk of my visitors are kids. I've run the site for years out-of-pocket and I didn't want the emphasis to become making money. (I've had an Amazon association for a year or two that helps me buy new Dahl material, but it didn't cover the hosting cost.) I decided to try it as an experiment and it's succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. The ads seem well targetted and none of them have been age-inappropriate. I haven't received a single complaint from my visitors. It seems the only person who cared about "selling out" was me. I say go for it.
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azul, there's no bending the rules to put a relevant link to your site in this thread or in your profile. would be easier to judge appropriateness of ads if we could see the site, really.
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there's no bending *of* the rules
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azul, I appreciate you not putting the site up here, but do unlock it on your profile.
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Response by poster: Thanks again for your thoughts. I really appreciate it. Site isn't much really but I'm just being very careful not to turn people off. Link is at my profile now, sorry for the inconvenience.

:::Learning Mode:::
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After looking at your profile page, it may generate some hits.
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I wouldn't worry about selling out -- Google ads are remarkably well targeted and arguably you are providing a service by making it easy for people to purchase the products you are advocating. I think it's a good plan and you might even make a few bucks.

Thanks for the link in your profile, I never thought I would say it, but I found your discussion of moleskin notebooks oddly compelling. A quick Google search turns up a fairly large sub-culture of sites devoted to these products. Whowouldathunk?
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I think Google ads on topical blogs are very appropriate. Your readers likely Googled for your topic, learned from your site, and can use the ads to make a purchase.

That's, I think, the beauty of the ads.
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I agree.
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From the Google AdSense Program Policies:

Personal Pages

In general, we do not accept personal pages or chat sites into the AdSense program. However, if a site contains targeted, text-based content and/or provides a product or service, we may consider it for participation.

I take that to mean "no blogs". So, i don't run my AdSense ads on my personal weblog. I do, however, run them on SunHELP and MacHELP, etc, since those aren't "personal" sites and more of "community portals".
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Hrm, apparently the policies *used* to say "personal pages, or chat sites, or blogs". Wonder when they changed it.
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FWIW, my new weblog project was just approved for AdSense but it is focused on a saleable and ad friendly topic.
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I have a Moleskine. They're wonderful!
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Azul, it would be ridiculous of anybody to chide you for putting an adsense link on the blog. Presumably it would be for something which complements the notebook. Yours is not an edgy, anti-establishment, punk rock blog, I'm sorry to say this.. a certain amount of consumerism is built into the site itself. Nobody is going to complain.
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Response by poster: Thanks Hildago and everyone for their input on this issue. I really appreciate it. Will implement the program in the coming days.
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