UK dial-up internet service?
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Can anyone in the UK recommend a good dial-up provider and give an indication of the cost?
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BT are reliable (but not cheap) at £15.99 per month. Used them for 3 years and they never let me down at all.

However, at that price, you can get Tiscali broadband at the same money, and the bandwidth is waaaaaay better. Only thing is, i don't have any personal experience at how reliable or not it may be.
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Clara Net are very good, and have an unlimited free trial (obviously you pay for the call charges in that case. They have a variety of pay in advance packages too..
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Do you want pay as you go (0845) , or an unmetered account.
If it's the former, I can furnish you with one at any time.

Costs for pay as you go are the approx the same as local calls.
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Pipex Dial. Used them since the early nineties with no problems whatsoever. Even when their parent company, UUnet went Chapter 11 a while back.
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Don't use NTL. They're still charging my credit card despite the fact that I cancelled six months ago. Cheap though (£10.00 / month unmetered with the phone package)
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Despite some criticisms I have of them, AOL UK are what I'm currently using [getting ADSL any time now] and would recommend for mostly one reason alone: you can dial up, and stay online indefinitely; unlike every other UK dial-up ISP [including those mentioned above] they don't cut you off after 2 hours, so you can download that huge software file/movie/list of music files etc, without having to keep tabs on things.

Price is same as BT @ £15.99 per month.

Their helpline is also freephone [unlike most others] with the best automated menu system I've encountered : simple options quickly gone through, with no more than a couple of menu selections you get through to the department you want.

Downsides: Their online help is mostly crap. You have to use the relatively bulky AOL software to get online. And some people will laugh at you for using 'AOL'.
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