Two Mac questions from a Windows user
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Two Mac questions from a Windows user

1. Restart, Shut Down, and Log Out are each in the far left menu twice. Why are these options duplicated? Is something broken?

2. When I drag a USB device (Sandisk Cruzer) into the trash, it stays lit. This doesn't happen on a PC. Is it still safe to remove, even though it appears to be "on?" If not, what do I need to do?
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As long as the "eject" icon has turned back into a garbage can, it's safe to remove, as far as I know.
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1.Something's hosed. They should be listed just once.

2. Should be. If it vanishes from the desktop, it should be safe to remove.
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I'm interested in the first question as well. I recently saw something similar on OSX and I couldn't figure it out for the life of me (I'm far more knowledgeable about Windows, still getting into the Mac support).
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As long as the disk has dismounted -- ie, it is no longer on the Desktop -- it is safe to physically disconnect.
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If you have VoiceOver turned on, it duplicates some of the items in the Apple menu.

Go to System Preferences > Universal Access > Seeing > VoiceOver to turn it off.
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If I had to guess, I'd bet your "" file is corrupt, and that's what's causing the duplication of menu items. The normal fix would be to trash the file and restart the Finder.
However, I seriously suggest you pop over to MacOSG and ask the question before you go trashing anything.
The crowd over there are very knowledgeable and helpful.
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Do you have any third-party software on the Mac like FruitMenu?

If I recall correctly, FruitMenu can give you both "Shut Down..." and "Shut Down" commands, the subtle difference being that without the ellipsis, you don't get that "are you sure?" countdown dialog, it just shuts down.
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chrismear, I will check that tomorrow.
Thorzdad, if chrismear's suggestion fails, I will try MacOSG.
AmbroseChapel, the only 3-p software on the machine are MS Office and RemoteBuddy.
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2. I also have a Sandisk Cruizer that I use on a Mac. The little blue light always stays on after ejecting it (dragging it onto the trash icon is the same as hitting Apple-E for eject, btw), and I've never had a problem, nor was I worried.
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