Need group costume ideas for Halloween
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Meta Halloween; Need Costume Ideas for four guys that would like to do a group costume, though there are some conditons to make this harder!

This is a very upscale, high end party (think playboy's halloween party), so there are a few things that make finding a group costume harder;

1. needs to be no/very little work.
2. since there are gonna be tons and tons of girls out, we would like to avoid big make up ideas, to make hitting on them easier.
3. would like the costume to make us get noticed!

The basic thing we want is, to be able to be the toast of the party, get noticed, hit on girls and have a ball! Can you guys help?

Ideas we have gotten so far are

1. The A team
2. The beatles
3. Axis of Evil

Thanks for your input!
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Village People. Oh wait, you want to hit on girls. My bad.

If you're going to an upscale party and want to put no work into your costumes, get noticed and be the toast of the party... I think you might be shooting a bit high. Pick a priority and go with it. I don't think you'll manage all three of those. The hitting on girls part is totally up to the four of you though.
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Members of The Justice League? Not much work if you rent or buy the costumes, and what girl doesn't love a superhero in tights?
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World's easiest Halloween costume: Christmas Caroler. Slap on a hat and jacket pick up a candle, be prepared to sing a round of Rudolph. If you're really feeling ambitious, carry some sheet music.
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It might be too late in the game to do this, but a bunch of us were going to go as Baseball Furies from The Warriors. We didn't get our act together in time enough to actually order the costumes, but there are other gangs in the movie that could possibly work.
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Team Zissou!

That would be work, though.
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Each get:
a different color of sweatpants and shirts
a cheap rubber animal noses on elastic string
animal ears, or you could just buy those U-shaped hair things little girls wear and glue paper ears to them.
iron on paper or white t-shirts and markers

Cut a circle out of the paper/t-shirt and draw a symbol of your choosing.

Congratulations, you're CareBears, or a more adult-orient equivalent.
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Oh man, I've been wanting to do this one, but I don't have three friends*:

one of you dresses up as a monkey
one of you dresses up as an ape
one of you dresses up as a cro-magnon
one of you wears a suit

ta-da! The evolution of man! This one's a big hit at BYU.

*Curse you internet! *cry*
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The Way Outs

(from the Flintstones. Cuz that's where the fun is - way out)
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Reservoir Dogs.
Black suits and slick hair. Include blood spatter and/or name tags (Mr. White, etc) to make the point.

James Bonds.
Everyone dresses as a different actor playing Bond. Winner gets Connery, I suppose, and the one playing Moore will probably need a ginger wig. But you all get to wear a tux and carry a martini glass and/or small (fake!) gun.
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Ninja Turtles.
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How many people are there? If you can get nine together, you can go as the Supreme Court. The wingman gets to be Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
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oh, four guys. My reading comprehension is in some other country.
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How about going as the 4 white guys from the Rat Pack? Dean, Frank, Peter & Joel. You could keep asking people if they've seen your friend Sammy Davis Jr. anywhere as you drunkenly lurch around the room. I would recommend tuxes (instead of regular suits and/or sweaters they're wearing in that picture) with bow ties undone and various items untucked. Ladies do love a good tux on a man, especially if it's starting to come off (ha ha). Peter would need a good British accent, of course. Dean would have to have a martini glass with him at all times. Actually, they all probably need a martini glass with them at all times. And maybe you should sing a quartet or two. Slick back your hair a little to give it that 50s/60s sort of look.
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The Ambiguously Gay Quartet. Nothing gets you noticed like a codpiece.
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A forest. Or maybe just a grove...
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Alex's gang from a Clockwork Orange.
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The one of you with the funkiest sideburns wears a green winter hat (and perhaps a bottle of Liquid Paper) the shortest of you carries a tambourine, the one of you with the curliest hair carries drumsticks, the one of you that looks the most like Stephen Stills kind of walks around befuddled...

and you're The Monkees!
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thank you very much... great ideas

rat pack
resovoir dogs
and alex's gang are awesome

keep them coming if you have more
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One of you gets a black suit, one a red suit, one a white suit, and one a pale (cream colored) suit.

Black suit is Famine
Red suit is War
White suit is Plague
Pale suit is Death

Have business cards printed up and think about appropriate pick-up lines. Bow, Sword, Scales, and Scythe optional.
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A group of Jehovah's Witnesses going door-to-door. Practically the same outfit as the Reservoir Dogs group, but lose the jacket and add a black nametag.
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My buddies and I had great luck being Devo one year. All it took was a rain suit form the local store ($6) and and plastic flower pot ($2) and VIOLA! WHIP IT! Everybody knew who we were and it was incredibly simple.

BTW - I wore the flower pot on top of my beanie/touke/whateveryoucallit and we didn't paint the pots fire engine red.
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the wiggles.
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I second Devo. With the red hats and all. That is a sure fire winner.
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My friends and I were supposed to do fast food chain characters this year but it fell through when two moved out of the state.

Ronald McDonald - clown
Burger King - king
Jack - suit, white face makeup, styrofoam ball "head"
Wendy - red wig with ponytails, old fashioned dress/skirt, makeup freckles
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Do the "Men In Black" thing; all you need are white shirts, black tie and black suits, black shades and preferably a small vertical flash-light thingie. Bonus points for having "MIB" business cards printed up to hand out, or for having a FBI-type earpiece.

To add a little extra pizzazz, you can always add some sort of large space-age kid's laser guy toy, to make it even more obvious. You should be able to pick this up in most kid's toy stores without spending a bundle.

As to the chicks/girls part, you'll be able to use the excuse that you need to "interview" them regarding a runaway or delinquent alien... Have an "ID photo" of one of the aliens from the movie, that you can pull out to ask them if they've seen this alien... Should do the trick!
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Channel 4 News Team: Ron Burgundy, Brian Fantana, Champ Kind and Brick Tamland.
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John, Paul, George and Ringo? Bonus points if John gets a gunshot wound.
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