Info on Space Age-ish Building on Cliff Near I-70 and Denver Airport?
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There's a space-age looking building that you'll see on a cliff face on the left while driving West on I70 from the Denver airport. Anyone know the name or architect? It looks amazing enough to be famous.
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It was featured in Woody Allen's movie, Sleeper. I dunno who owns it now but I heard a church did at one point.
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Cool. Thanks you. Here's more about it.
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It's also the home of Troy McClure, who you may remember from such self-help films as Smoke Yourself Thin, and Get Confident, Stupid!
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Charles Deaton! My boy!

I've been nurturing a healthy fascination with that house for a number of years now. Deaton did a couple of other similar-themed structures, including a bank in Englewood, CO and another bank in Casper, WY, among a couple others.

The Sculptured House, as it was known, was one of Deaton's only successes in life. According to this article:

Unfortunately, in one of those truth-is-more-tragic-than-fiction episodes, the model of the Sculptured House was accidentally knocked over and destroyed at Deaton's memorial service.
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You're in luck: It's for sale.
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Here's the linked tour of the house.

If I lived there, I would play Donald Fagen's "Nightfly" album every day and drink lots of Martinis (although I never drank a Martini in my life).
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It's also the home of Troy McClure

Bzzzt. He lives in the 'Chemosphere', designed by John Lautner and located in the LA area, not Denver. They do look similar, though.
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It was written up in the Living Section of the NY Times sometime in the last 3 years.
I recall the house has no corners insode, at all.
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Was it also in Charlie's Angels? You know, where Drew Barrymore's character gets shot at and falls out of the window?
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