How could I go about verifying John Titor's claims on the IBM 5100?
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Does anyone out there have contacts with anyone at IBM? Specifically the original engineers of the IBM 5100 computer from 1975 that was built in Rochester, Minnesota? I have been researching the story of John Titor and I was wondering if the claims at Titor's Claims on the 5100 can be verified.
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At the bottom of the page there is a mention of someone with inside information who helped with the entry on the 5100. That user kept their info anonymous but perhaps contacting the owner of the site would be helpful.

Also, there is an original 5100 at the Smithsonian. I saw it once but can't remember which of the museums its at. Maybe someone there can help. Failing that, email me and I can try some more roundabout methods. This 5100 element of the story seems like the best way to put this rumor to rest or confirm it.
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Jeeezus! I've got a great contact. I just wish that it was for something better than this. But he might get a kick out of it anyway. Email me and I'll put you in touch.
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The e-mail from your Metafilter profile failed Mayor Curley. It wouldn't go through. What's your e-mail address?
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The 5100 can run some System/360 stuff; I suspect that's what whoever made up the Titor story was referring to.

However, so can any system that will run the Hercules emulator. I've got a complete ready-to-go System/360 mainframe on a couple of CD-ROMs in my desk.
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And your alleged homepage is a dead link. My mail had a typo. I corrected it. Resend and I'll initiate contact.
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