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Bladerunner theatrical release: did he or didn't he? Gorey details and

When I saw Bladerunner in the theatre, lo these many years ago, I swear that Roy Batty gouges Dr. Tyrell's eyes out while crushing his skull. A friend of mine is certain he saw the same thing. Every copy I've owned since just has the skull-crushing though. Did we imagine it?
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No you didn't imagine it. There was a short VHS release with the footage included. The following 'Director's Cut' and DVD releases do not include this.
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Best answer: Search for "thumbs" here.
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You are not mistaken. The European theatrical release featured a longer version of this scene, in which Batty gouges Tyrell's eyes out (IMDB reference).

BTW, this is part of a much larger theme regarding eyes that plays throughout the film.
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Response by poster: Yay Meafilter! GeekAnimator gets the mark, but I think we're all winners here. Well, all of us except Tyrell.
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Yeah, and he says "I want more life, fucker" and not "I want more life, father."
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the father/fucker quote was meant to be vague and not black/white, as is pretty much the rest of the movie
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Definitely yes. I remember writing a paper comparing eye-gouging in Lear & Blade Runner for a Shakespeare class.
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To clarify, the version of Blade Runner that is currently available (the "director's cut") is different from the original theatrical and video releases. The eye-gouging shot is in the original, but not in the DC.
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We might as well get to the serious question: Is Deckard a replicant?
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At the end of this Channel 4 documentary, TheOnlyCoolTim, Ridley Scott answers your question directly. (ROT-13'd for your non-spoiler pleasure).

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Xrezbqr : 'Juvpu zrnaf?'

Fpbgg : '... gung ur'f n ercyvpnag.'
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