Gutal awmaar baina.
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Help me find sexy black boots for a very cold climate.

High black heeled boots are all the rage for urban professional Mongolian women. My friend, who will be doing her dissertation research interviewing Mongol elites in country this winter, would like to have some. So, help me find some.

Here's what we need:

Knee-high or almost
Good traction (Mongol sidewalks don't get shovelled - any snow that falls gets packed into ice, so by December you can basically skate your way through the whole city.)
Windproof (I think that precludes styles advertised as "breathable")
Warm (This is of secondary importance, because she can always insulate with lots of socks, but it would be really nice! Mongolia gets so so so SO SO cold, you would not even believe it. Seriously.)

Although the heel isn't pointy and ridiculous like Mongol women prefer, these would be just about perfect, but they're outrageously expensive. I've looked through the Zappos collection and there are some possibilities there, so suggest something on Zappos if you'd like, but I'm really interested in stuff from other sites. Bayarlalaa!
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Not sure what your exact price range is, but I loved loved loved my Joan & David knee-high boots before they went totally kaput (after several valiant attempts at resuscitation from a great cobbler). I wore them through a couple Boston winters.

These are showing up on Nordstrom's site; I'm sure there are others out there, too. I actually got mine at DSW.
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Two words: Frye Boots. Can't beat'em.
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Response by poster: She's prepared to spend a lot of money, please recommend anything and we'll sort out what she can afford later.
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(I should mention that I loved the Joan & David boots, and I have rather large, wide feet. The slim toe still fit fine, and was comfortable, though mine were not as pointy as the ones I linked.)
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Land's End Tall Dress Boots? They also come in wide, which many designer style probably won't. That might make it easier to crap an extra pair of socks in there. They're not as pointy and fashion-forward as some, but are probably a bit more practical for actually walking in.

These ones from Aldo are a mere $89... but the material is probably correspondingly cheap.

I have never worn those boots but those are a couple of sites I thought of that may not have occured to you.
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My girlfriend (a former Calgary resident) had this to say:

"The Aquatalia are the best fashionable winter boots out there and completely worth the high price (mine are still in good shape and water proof after three -40 canadian winters and one resoling).These are also very good for fashion/function in winter: "
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I was looking for similar boots last year, for a nice New England "We don't need no stinkin' shovels" winter. It was a little tough to find heeled boots with good traction, so I went a little more "rugged". I ended up with a great pair of motorcycle-style boots that were Caterpillar brand (like the heavy duty machines -- that means they're heavy duty boots, right??) It doesn't seem like they make the boots I have anymore though. These Frye boots are really similar. They have a bunch with less hardware too, if she wants something sleeker.
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Campers has very sexy, warm boots.
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Nordstrom's knee-high black boots

J. Crew

Eddie Bauer


Stuart Weitzman (may be out of your friend's price range)

I think Nordstrom and Zappos are likely your best best for online shoe shopping, both for breadth of offerings and price range.
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Especially if you already know the model you want, you might check eBay. You can often get new shoes and boots there for astonishingly low prices. Here's the complete list of high-heeled black boots. You can narrow it down by size over on the left.

Those heels are all 3" and up, though. If your friend will really be tromping through the snow, she might prefer the ones listed as "medium" -- 1 3/4" to 2 3/4".
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Seconding the LaCanadienne recommendation. I got a pair of the Julietta ankle-boots last fall and LOVE them -- truly waterproof, warm, well-made.
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These ones by Naughty Monkey might fit the bill.
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i give a hearty second to Sully6's Fluevog suggestion. i own a few pairs of his shoes, and not only are they the most comfortable heels i've worn (and this coming from someone who wears heels once a month, at best), i've sprinted for the bus in the snow in a pair of his 3" heels. most of the shoe soles are a nice grippy rubber that do double duty as traction and cushioning. and he does some damn sexy black boots.
the downside is that they can be a bit pricey, but they'll last forever, and replacement parts are available.
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