CANCELLING a 1and1 hosting account
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Have you CANCELLED your 1and1 account successfully (by success I mean they stopped charging you and they released the domains registered through them)? If so, what steps did you follow?? I haven't started the process yet -- just researching right now -- but I've read a lot of 1and 1 cancellation horror stories here and elsewhere.
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a few months ago i did: hopped over to and it was perfectly painless.
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Favorited. I may be doing this myself once my trial runs out.
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Response by poster: Wow! That's ultra-encouraging, soma lkzx. I don't believe I've heard anybody else say it was that simple.

Did they stop charging you as of the next billing period and (if applicable) release your domains?
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My sister's domain was registered through (and I was managing it for her) and she also had a free hosting account... I transferred the domain away from them first, so I can't say whether or not they release the domains properly. I would recommend transferring before you close your account, and then closing your account after the transfer is successful. Make sure to use your account number, not your domain name, when using the page, as this will ONLY cancel any services related to the specific domain as opposed to closing the entire account (which I found out before my free trial expired, thank god, but could easily have missed because they don't point it out).
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I had no problems with the process after cancelling my 2-year trial account last November. If I remember correctly, I transferred the domain to another provider before starting the cancellation process.
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They continued charging me after I cancelled (also using, so I just called their Customer Service number and explained it to them. Relatively painless, although I would have preferred not have had to talk to anyone.
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I had no problems cancelling my account and moving my domain, but I had a free account, so maybe they're still charging me nothing every month.
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Response by poster: I think this is the most positive thread on this topic I've found anywhere on the web -- VERY encouraging since it suggests they've improved dramatically (also, to be fair, this is a general-interest forum, as opposed to one where people go only if they need to complain about a company... so this might be a more balanced thread than others).

I will report back!
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