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Help me find two songs based on their music videos.

I appriciate how annoying this is, but i have no idea of the music for either of these - one because it was playing at the gym with the sound turned down, and the other because its from some time back...

1) Fairly recent video (I believe - I saw it last night) featuring a collection of little white men (who looked like pencil erasers) doing formation dancing (1960's musical extravaganza style) on a blue background. They discover a brown man and thrown him out. He finds brown men and dances with them, until the see a blue man. Repeat with green men and yellow men and... until one of the groups of men discovers a gorilla.

2) The video features a female cartoon stripper dancing in an alien nightclub. She strips naked while the camera does laps out the edge of the room. Then she starts peeling off her skin and her muscles until she's bare bones, at which point the crowd goes wild.
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Response by poster: I know (2) sounds a lot like the Robbie Williams video Rock DJ, but that's not what I'm thinking of. This video has to be 10-15 years old...
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I'm pretty sure #1 is a recent Jamiroquai (sp?) track.
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First one: Jamiroquai 'Don't Give Hate a Chance'? (Youtube Link)
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Response by poster: Cheers guys! I suppose that that little dude's haircut should have suggested Jamiroquai to me...

Number two I'm expecting to be more difficult... :)
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#2 is definitly a Robbie Williams song:

"Williams' next album, Sing When You're Winning, was released in 2000. The album contained the controversial single "Rock DJ", which reached number 1 in the UK charts and was a hit in the United States.

The controversy surrounded the single's accompanying music video, which featured Williams in a roller disco surrounded by ravenous female fans. In the video, Williams strips nude for the fans, then (using CGI technology) he is shown 'stripping off' his skin, muscle tissue and organs and feeding them to the female dancers. The video ends with Williams, now nothing but a skeleton, still dancing to the music."

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Response by poster: Mach5 - read the first comment...
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Williams's vid is, stylistic differences aside, a straight rip of a Benny Hill routine from the early 1980s... is it definitely a music video you're after?
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Response by poster: It's possible that I'm wrong about the music video bit (although I'm pretty sure I'm not).

The thing I'm thinking of doesn't tie in with any Benny Hill I know of, but then I'm not aware of any cartoony stuff in Benny Hill...
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