How does one go about getting a career in movie soundtracks?
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How does one go about getting a career in movie soundtracks?

I don't think I'm actually considering this as a life-choice or anything (not because I wouldn't want to - I'd love a career like this) but how would a person go about getting a career making movie soundtracks, or choosing the songs that play in a movie?

It'd be really interesting to know whether this is something people move into after some kind of higher music education, or whether it can be done just by being lucky and working upwards, or what.
I know it sounds naive but to me it seems like all the job involves is putting songs that other people have written or sung into a film, which go together well. (I'm not saying anyone could do it; I think it takes a lot of skill to put the perfect soundtrack together.)

Basically some of my favourite CDs are movie soundtracks - the songs go together so perfectly and they're great to listen to, etc... I was just wondering if anyone knows anything about this.
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Well, you should start by reading this question.
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Response by poster: That'll teach me to just read through the 'music' tag list of questions..!
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hehe...I was just wondering the same thing after I saw "The Departed" this weekend. Thanks for the question, angryjellybean, and the link, slimepuppy!
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