I have a Thanksgiving/Birthday collision! What to do?
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This year, I turn thirty, on Thanksgiving. I need something to do that's special with my fiance, and as always, there's

My family Thanksgiving dinner is Friday, due to extended family and juggling the lots of cousins and such. My fiance lives in California right now, and I am in Northern Virginia (Yes, it sucks.) - so he arrives Wednesday, flys home on Sunday.

His family will be in Chicago for the holiday, so that's not an option.

We want to do something fun for my birthday, on my birthday. Dinner and a show -is- an option, but there's a caveat.

He's allergic to everything. No, seriously. Shellfish, dairy, pork, some fruits, some vegetables, cinnamon, all kinds of wacky food juggling. So fixed menus at restaurants are a problem.

I'm a) at a loss for ideas besides dinner, and b) Not sure what's open in Thanksgiving in NoVA/DC that's good.
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My wife and I recently spent an hour and a half at a private spa rental. $17.50 per hour per person got us our own spa/sauna room. It was luxurious, especially since we're parents and usually don't get that time of intimate "alone time" unless we spend the night in a hotel.

Mind you, we're in Seattle. Not sure what's available in DC, but this search may help: http://spas.about.com/cs/usdayspaswdc/index.htm
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Thanksgiving has become my favorite holiday...For the past three years, my girlfriend and I stay home, rent horror movies, order out very spicy thai food, and make cocktails. It might not be for everyone, but I cannot think of a better way to spend the day/night.
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