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Are birthday themes the same as anniversary themes (e.g., gold, silver, paper, etc.)? If not, is there a separate set of themes for birthdays? My gf's 60th is coming up, and while i'm sure she'd be happy to have something with diamonds no matter what, I'd prefer not to limit myself that way if 60 is not "the diamond birthday", and especially not if 60 is some other kind of birthday. OTOH, if there is a theme for 60, it may help me with my long-standing case of CMGS (Clueless Male Gifting Syndrome).
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I'm not aware of themes for a birthday. I know that in some cultures, there are certain birthdays that are more important. For example, if you were born on the 4th, then when you turn 4 this is your "Golden Birthday". Personally, I think that idea is wasted on little kids, it might be more fun if you were born later in the month. Of course someone born on Leap Day would be screwed.

So given that, what's a neat-o present for someone turning 60? Experiences! Trips, shows, a baloon ride. We've had our whole lives to accumulate stuff. I have plenty of stuff. Take me somewhere!

Perhaps a week of dinners at all kinds of restaurants, culminating in a spectacular meal in a Michelin star establishment on her actual birthday.

If you can swing it a nifty get-away or fantastic vacation.

Jewlery is a waste of money, but experiences are fun! Besides, you get to partake too!
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I've never heard of themes for birthdays, either. If you want to use the "diamond" theme, though, you could try expanding it beyond jewelry -- a game at her favorite baseball diamond, skiing on a black diamond trail.... okay I'm out of ideas here, but you get the gist!
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Best answer: Ah well, I go with the philosophy of every anniversary is a diamond anniversary and ever birthday is a diamond birthday. Give her what would make her happiest, if she would like a room full of roses, then give her that, but if she likes jewelry, then get her that. The point of a present is to get something you would never get yourself but would love to have, no matter how frivolous it may seem. Happy 60th to your GF! To answer your question, a diamond jubilee is the 75th birthday. The 60th wedding anniversary is a diamond anniversary.
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Jewelry is always a welcome gift. Does she have the ubiquitous diamond stud earrings? If they are beyond your budget, would she appreciate CZ studs? (Assuming her ears are pierced.) The "real" stuff becomes a family heirloom so the giver and the receiver become family history.
Note: Gold is extremely overpriced right now. Consider gems or pearls with minimum metal.
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Maybe get her something to do with her birth month? If she's a July baby, maybe something with rubies or for flowers, maybe a bouquet that incorporates larkspurs or water lilies.
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