Please to identify this childhood drink I had in HK.
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Please to identify this childhood drink I had in HK.

Bonus points for letting me know if it still 1) exists 2) can be found in Canada (Toronto).

It's opague, slightly yellowish (cream) in color, tastes like a fruit drink, contains "active bateria", came in little plastic bottles around 3 inches high, had a red and silver crimped foil lid, and the white semi-transparent bottle was shaped a bit figure 8-ish, with red lettering all around. It was advertised as a health drink.

It's just one of those pregnancy cravings that I can't get rid of - I want everything I had before I turned 10...
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Best answer: I didn't even need to read inside to know it was Yakult. I love Yakult! If Toronto Asian communities are like those in New York, any serious Japanese grocery will stock it and big Asian groceries might have it or a Korean/Chinese knock-off.
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Beat me to the punch, lia. Nice work ;-)

Yeah, I didn't even have to read it either to know it was Yakult - reminds me of my youth in HK too
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So that's what the Yakult Swallows are named for! And "The name is derived from Jahurto, which is Esperanto for 'yoghurt.'" I've learned two things today: thanks, Sallysings, and I hope you find some!
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Response by poster: Thank you lia, and thank you metafilter - that was incredibly quick!

I did a run of Chinatown last weekend and couldn't find the stuff, but I guess it's really a japanese drink. I'll hit little Korea/japan up a few blocks instead.
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You probably were asking for the wrong name in Chinatown, it should be everywhere.

yang-le-duo is the generic chinese name.
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Best answer: I'm pretty sure you can find Yakult in Chinese stores. However, I'm not familiar with the stores downtown. A great place to go for all types of Asian food (Japanese, Korean, Chinese) is T&T Supermarket. It's huge, like the size of Loblaws, and it's clean, unlike most Asian grocery stores. More info here.
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Yakult or the Chinese-variants (Yakult is just the Japanese brand name, the product is the same) is available at all the Chinese supermarkets around Spadina/Dundas in packs of 6. I buy it regularly -- sometimes get odd looks as I'm not Chinese, but got hooked on it while living in Asia!
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Vitagen is better than Yakult - same thing, but better taste ;)
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Yeah, Yakult was my first thought too before I even read the [more inside]. However much I loved it as a child, I now find it revolting.
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If you get absolutely stuck and can't find Yakult it anywhere, you might try Kefir, which is another yoghurted milk drink, but made with Lactobacter acidophillus which has additional health benefits. I know, not nearly the same thing, but variety is good, yes?
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If you have no luck in Koreatown, there is a Japanese foodstuffs store on Queen St. West, just west of Trinity Bellwoods Park. (Somewhere between Bathurst and Ossington. I'm sorry this is not specific; I always walk past it and don't know the cross street.) All edible things Japanese can be found here. It's on the north side, on a corner. The name escapes me but it begins with 's' and it's something like Samko. If I can remember/find it, I'll post again.
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leapfrog, that's Lactobacillus acidophilus, and kefir has a lot more than just a pure culture of that. Traditional kefir is a mix of dozens of bacterial and yeast species.

Yakult isn't really like kefir or liquid yogurt, though. It's more like a yogurty tasting quarter water.
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