Firefox settings not being saved
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Firefox won't save my settings.

Firefox inexplicably updated itself, lost all my bookmarks, and now also opens up without any of my prior settings for the toolbar (new tab, history, bookmarks, etc.).

Anyone know how I can correct this?
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make sure you're using the right profile.

Start>run, then "firefox -p"
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Sorry - it's not a user profile issue. Each time I open FF I have to go in and re-apply all the settings for the navigation toolbar. It seems like a bug w/ FF and I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed this.
posted by docpops at 10:39 AM on October 4, 2006

Well from my experience this happens every time Firefox updates. So I never update it anymore. I know it's not much but I hope that's some help.
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Your profile may have been corrupted.

This forum is great for Firefox support and allows guest posting so you don't have to register.
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These instructions have worked for me.
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I had this problem recently. I did *not* have multiple profiles set up or anything, but it did turn out to be a profile issue. Creating a new profile and then using that one solved the problem for me.

Warning about deleting Firefox profiles.
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