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My daughters, age 2 and 4, have been asked to be flower girls at my nephew's wedding. They're kinda shy and have no idea what to expect. I'm looking for depictions of flower girls in movies that I can rent.

While the rest of the movie can be bloody, ill tempered and obscene, the scenes I show my girls need to be rated G and as happy and non- scary as you can possibly imagine. It would be helpful if I knew approximately where in the movie the scene occurs.

In case you read quickly- I know a thousand movies with weddings. What I need here are movies that clearly show flower girls doing their thing.

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Forgive me if you have already thought of this, but you might want to send a little e-mail out to your friends who are married and ask them if their own wedding videos show the flower girls. They might have what you are looking for, and your kids might even know some of the kids they are watching.
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"My Best Friend's Wedding" has one.
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My Best Friend's Wedding has about a five second shot of a flower girl, but nothing too grand. Still, it'll give the girls an idea of what to expect. By the way, this is a great way to prepare little kids for this type of public ceremony--my 5 year old (and painfully shy) sister was supposed to be a flower girl for my uncle's wedding but ended up hiding under a table until the vows were over.
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Weren't there flower girls in Father of the Bride (with Steve Martin). It was a very funny movie too.

Probably in Terms of Endearment too when Julia Roberts gets married.
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I'm pretty sure there were flower girls in the "Father of the Bride" remake (and probably the original, too).

Also, you may want to look into some picture books about flower girls -- we used some of those to help out the little girl we included in our wedding, and they worked out well. Here are a few examples.
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If you want to invest the time, there may be some home wedding vids on youtube or google video that show what you want.

This simple search seems to have some strong candidates.
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It Takes Two has the young Olsen twins as flower girls in poofy dresses in an elaborate wedding (of their parents) in a giant church. There are a few false starts, but IIRC, they eventually get to do the whole petal-strewing thing. Because the Olsens are the stars, I think there are a few comedy moments about not forgetting the baskets or something. The movie is kid-friendly throughout, and the wedding occurs pretty near the end.
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I seem to recall there was a flower girl in the first Godfather movie ("..you come to me.. on the day of my daughter's wedding..") but I am not certain.
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"D.W. Thinks Big" is great as both a book and an episode of Arthur. While searching for the name of the book I found this website of books dealing with flower girls. Maybe you could find the Brady Bunch episode where they get married... I feel like this kind of thing is seen more on TV.
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Here's a good one.
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We had my wife's very outgoing 3-year-old as our flower girl. She completely chickened out at the last second. We were expecting it, so it was no big deal. You may want to verify with your nephew & his fiancee that if they can't manage it, it will not be a huge problem.
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Ramona Quimby is a flower girl in one episode. My (extremely dim) recollection is that something goes wrong (I think someone drops the ring and she has to rescue it) but it's definitely G-rated and played for humor.

See also the books.
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You could read "Junie B. Jones is (Almost) a Flower Girl" - it's a very cute book and age-appropriate.
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