Make Room for the Make Room For The Mushrooms Ad
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I have been searching for video of a 1980s UK advert quite possibly for mushrooms, which featured lines of mushrooms marching towards the viewer chanting "Make Room For The Mushrooms!" I have looked on YouTube, etc and searched vaguely around torrent sites. Does anyone have it on VHS just waiting to be capped and uploaded or (more realistically) any ideas where I might find it or where else I might ask
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I can't help you on the video, but if it was a Government-backed film (eg the mushroom marketing board or whatever Government organisation might exist, rather than an independent trade association) then it will almost certainly have been produced by the Central Office of Information. It's a longshot, but it might be worth contacting them to see if a) it's theirs, and b) they can get you a copy.
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I remember this. I think it was a government Healthy Eating ad and had numerous vegetables in army attire?? Carrots parachuting and that type of weirdness. The mushrooms, I seem to remember, marched in with a very posh British Officer cry of "Make room for the mushrooms!".

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If you get no joy here try asking on b3ta.
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Response by poster: Well I asked on B3ta - within five miinutes the sound of the funniest people alive ravaging me and my palpable retardedness was so deafening I had to seek shelter here...
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Someone else wants to know, too. Hope you find it.
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You could try asking the UK mushroom bureau:

"The Mushroom Bureau is responsible for the generic publicity of all fresh cultivated mushrooms sold in Britain. It is funded voluntarily by mushroom growers and allied trades. "
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And if you find out, tell us!
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Best answer: sorry about that critical bill - I'm guessing I'm not getting a "best answer" for that one?
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