Pretenders Lyrics... or... What Is Reet... or... Special Reet Service
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Is this really the right lyric to Brass In Pocket by The Pretenders? If so, what on earth does it mean?

All of the lyrics sites that Google produces give me this lyric:


What does "Reet" mean? Also, is there some sort of late-70's slang that would explain the words "Got new skank"?

(PS: Of course I put "define: reet" into Google, but the resulting definition is almost certainly not what Hynde was talking about.)
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reet = right ... see "reet petite" by jackie wilson
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oh, yeah, skank would be a sexy walk, i believe
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"Reet" is fairly common pre-80s slang for "good"/"excellent"/"awesome" etc. Jackie Wilson's song "Reet Petite" uses it in the title.

"Skank" can mean "dance", and is still used in that sense today in some subcultures (punk, ska).
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More discussion here.
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This question prompted me to look up Skatalites on YouTube and this is one of the results. Talk about skank.
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Wow, thanks for that, tellurian.
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See "Skanking to the Beat" by Fishbone, and yes reet is right
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