Is this song lyric a real quote?
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Elton John has a new album out. One of the songs contains this lyric: "And I don't recall who said it at this time / That 'your enemies grow strong on what you leave behind'". Is that a real quote from somewhere? Searching Google for more details just returns page after page of lyrics sites all with the lyrics for this song.
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It appears on this page, started September 27, 2004 , in a comment by Kingriz (comments are not dated): "Your enemies grow strong on what you leave behind and what you dont finish."
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Best answer: It's from The Godfather, Part 3. Michael Corleone says it.
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Here's a link - it's about halfway down.
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Well, I can't help you with a quote, but as a concept it's been around for a while. The term for it is scorched earth. The Russians used it to great effect against the Germans in WW2.
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