How do I properly frame a 19th C. albumen print?
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What is the proper way to protect a 19th-century albumen photograph in a frame?

I've just bought a beautiful 19th century albumen photograph that I'd like to give as a gift. I want to frame it, of course, but also want to make sure that the print is protected properly... and I know nothing at all about displaying antique images. Do I need anything very special - I'm thinking UV glass, etc. Ideally I would do this as cheaply as possible, but considering what a beautiful image this is, I'll do what I have to to keep it in good condition!
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You'll want to get some unbuffered archival-quality paper for the matting. Albumen photos don't do well in sun at all - get the UV glass and tell her to display it out of sunlight anyway.

You might need to go to a decent framing store to get these things. (Of course, if you really want to keep it in good condition, it goes into humidity-controlled storage in the dark.)
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William Dunniway makes these photos with period equipment and processes. He is uniquely qualified to answer your question. Here is his website.
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