Scientific Illustrations
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Where can I find vintage scientific illustrations online, along the lines of these? Images of flora, fauna, human anatomy, sea creatures, and the like.

There's something I like about the precise and detailed look of these, so if there's anything similar to it that you care to share such as prints of architecture or landscapes or machines, please feel free to share! Hi-res images are highly preferred when possible.
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look up Ernst Haeckel on line. You'll find lots of amazing illustrations like these.
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John James Audubon did hundrends of plates of birds.

Wikipedia also has a lot of them in their articles about various phylums, orders, families etc. if you do a bit of poking around.
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Best answer: BibliOdyssey.
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Look in the colophons at the back of O'Reilly books and see where they got theirs?
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Gray's Anatomy has over a thousand illustrations - it's wealth of illustration was unprecedented, and since it's out of copyright now, you can pick up copies for a few dollars.
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Seconding BiblioOdyssey. (It's by fellow MeFite peacay.)
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try here.
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Here is 435 John James Audubon plates
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Ooh, thanks for the plug. inactivist, the easiest way to find stuff is via delicious - all the posts are annotated.
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And wow! Thanks hortense, I somehow missed that. Beautiful!!
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Ooo, BibliOdyssey is gorgeous, thanks! Lots of good stuff here, too.
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Fine Rare Prints
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