How do I get contact sheets and prints made from old negatives?
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Looking to get prints made from old negatives.

I just found a box full of 35 mm negatives that have been languishing in the garage. I wanted to get contact sheets made and then prints and maybe even digital versions of the images saved to a CD-ROM. The negatives are about 15 – 20 years old and most are just family photographs. I don’t really want to hand them over to some pimply-faced kid behind the counter at a drugstore. Where can I get this done in NYC?
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Adorama on 18th between 5th and 6th. Flat Iron on 17th between 6th and 7th. Ben Ness on University around 13th.
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I use Duggal on 20th.
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Manhattan Photo Labs on 20th between 5th & 6th is professional & friendly. Also, C-Lab on Broadway north of Houston (though the building's a little grotty). Duggal has ruined some of my negs, and they weren't even apologetic.
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