Is there a Cabos alternative?
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Thanks to a post on MeFi a while back, I have been using Cabos to download individual songs. I am looking for mostly 80s new wave and vintage, so Cabos worked out rather nicely. I obviously torrent, but I like to have something that can quickly grab songs here and there. Well, Cabos has been buggy for a while and seems to be having problems establishing and maintaining a connection to the respective networks. Any recommendations for alternative programs or methods? Thank you kindly.
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I'm a fan of Soulseek.
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It's a Russian music site of, at best, questionable legality, but the price is right (~$0.15/song), the selection is surprisingly good, and the DRM is non-existent. Have no fear about giving you credit card number to their sales partner -- I've done it several times with no issues.

Sorry to hear that about Cabos, too. I have used it in the past.
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Soulseek. It's great for more underground/indie stuff plus with so many users, lots of mainstream stuff too.
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I also recommend Soulseek - though if you're an Apple user you'll want to check out Soulseex.
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Fourthing Soulseek...
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