Know any good cleaners in south London?
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Know any good cleaners in south London?

Ah, the life of two busy young professionals - I live in a two bedroom flat in Clapham, and while we're both fairly tidy people, we don't have much time to clean the place. Can anyone recommend a good, reliable and hopefully cheap cleaning agency (or cleaner) who might be able to come every week or fortnight?

Also, any ideas how long should we have them over for? It's a reasonably compact flat, and we don't make much mess.
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I do and will email you. A flat of three messy blokes had a cleaner for four hours a week and she did (a good amount of) ironing too. On reflection I think that was overkill and in the place I'm sharing now (just two of us) I'd say two hours will be fine. Start off with an hour a week and see how it goes.
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Try this lot
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