Private Home Health Agencies in NYC?
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A friend is dealing with the chronic illness of an elderly parent. Currently, insurance is paying for a home health aide to come in four hours a day during the week, but the family really needs to have some help on weekends, too.

They are looking for a private care agency to hire someone for a few hours during the weekend. Due to the insurance arrangement, they can't hire anyone from a city agency. We've been able to find lists of agencies in NYC, but would really appreciate personal recommendations or warnings about specific agencies, or other advice on hiring someone. They live on the Upper West Side.
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I'm not sure what you need, but I know my family has had success in hiring a nursing student from the local nursing school. They can take care of most basic issues, are usually cheaper (and much more appreciative of the money), and are much happier to do the job.
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Try contacting a social worker at St. Lukes-Roosevelt. They help families deal with this stuff every day, and they certainly know the neighborhood.
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